Amsterdam Avenue
(Toby Mountain, Molehill Music)

Did you ever take a walk in the city on a rainy day?
Past little shops cased inside ancient buildings on a busy way.
Now, there's a church they call St. Michaels up from Loew's Cafe.
And on the corner is a man shouting proudly from his fruit display.

If he's bitchin' bout the heat just dismiss him.
But if he's talking 'about his life, you can listen all day.

Have you ever tried to count all the neon signs that line the street?
Or gone to visit an old tavern where people find new faces to meet?

If the beer is warm, you might lose your patience.
But if she's pretty, you can start a conversation, right away.
Then you'll dream of her next day now, all day.

Did you ever inspect broken shells of buildings that had met their doom?
Or drop by Morningside, the Home of the Aged, for an afternoon?

Makes you feel like you've hardly been livin'.
Ain't it good to know that you're still enjoyin' everyday.
Living everyday now... all day.
Living everyday now... all day.

You're living everyday now.
All day.
You're living everyday now.
All day.

Toby Mountain, voice, acoustic guitars
Richard Greene, bass
Richard Knight, trumpet
Pat Davis, piano
Scott Matthews, drums