Banks of the Rhine
(Toby Mountain, Molehill Music)

Well, I swept her in my arms and I kissed her good-bye
And then we flew out of Oakland on that Friday night, oh a Friday night.
And my engines were burning like the ones outside
Til we touched down in Paris late the next night, oh what a night.

When we'd seen enough of the Seine,
I packed up my Guild and we got on the train.
And we headed cross the border to Germany.
Just Billy and me.

Well, there was much jubilation when we Amis arrived
And our friends took us home and we drank a little wine, talkin' bout times.
But we knew that the times ahead would be rough
'Cause I was itchin' to play, just to show 'em my stuff, just to show 'em my stuff.

And when we'd had enough of the rain,
Düsseldorf began to look just the same.
Well I was thinking of all that I'd left behind.
Back home on the Bay.

Well, the first gigs were over and we barely survived.
It was a friendly German audience that kept us alive, oh they kept us alive.
And as the records were sitting in stacks of twenty five,
A man in the press was skinning me alive, oh he skinned me alive.

And when I'd had enough of the pain,
I used to go out and I'd walk in the rain.
I was looking for a little peace of mind.
On the banks of the Rhine.

Cruising down the Autobahn in an old Opel Blitz
Heading for the north with a list full of gigs, oh we had lots of gigs.
We was loaded to the gills with guitars packed up tight,
And a flipped out driver, four roadies besides, running into the night.

And if you think you've seen all the sights,
You can sail down the Alster or the Repperbahn at night,
And forty marks can get you just what you like.
If it makes you feel right.

Well, when Onkel Pö came we got ourselves psyched
And the lights came on and I let the music fly, oh I knew it was time.
And George held the beat and Kurt the bassline
And Ralph stretched the keys and I was getting high, I was feelin' quite high.

And then the atmosphere became tense.
And all the people were straining down in their seats
And Billy ripped off a lead with his strat guitar.

Well in the long hard summer of '78,
There wasn't much glory, there wasn't much fame, no there wasn't much fame.
But for this man here the memories survive
And in my heart the music never dies, no the music never dies.

And when I'm all alone late at night,
Sometime I get a little tear in my eye
But I just float away to my peace of mind.
On the banks of the Rhine.

Toby Mountain, voice, harmonica, acoustic guitar
Bill Davidson, electric guitar
Nathan Craver, bass
Pat Davis, organ
Bob O'Grady, drums