Hey Mr. Boatman
(Toby Mountain, Molehill Music)

Hey, Mr. Boatman, would you be so kind
To take me for a morning ride.
I've lived this side all my life.

Hey, Mr. Boatman, was it you that was calling me?
I saw your arms pull the oars.
I've watched your waves flap against the shore.

And I'm waiting for the day, when we can drift away.
Sailing down that long lost river
Destination still uncertain.
All I want is just to float away.

Hey, Mr. Boatman, you've been awful good to me,
You've helped me find my destiny.
Now i know I'm finally free.

Hey, Mr. Boatman, the day is gone and I can watch
The sun cool down behind the trees.
Now i know the time is right
To let the waters swirl around me.

I've finally made it.
i feel the warmth surround me.
I'm getting closer to my home.

Toby Mountain, voice, guitars, piano
Bobbi Revels, background vocals
Kurt Oertel, bass
Joseph Sabella, drums