Elegy the Avenger
(Toby Mountain, Molehill Music)

I remember the first time I met her,
Sitting in a garden with her friends.
I was nothing, a wanderer
Making up lost time.
Waiting for the world to begin.

She was to me like a mother,
Catching all my tears as they would fall.
She was older, wiser
That's for sure.
Now I had gained what I had lost.

She told me once about her lover.
His fortune must have meant much more
He was older, wiser
Like a father
Spreading out his fields for her to walk.

She never know just how I loved her
Until my blade flashed before her eyes.
She lay helpless, crying,
"Love's avenger!"
As I fled into the night.

Toby Mountain, voice, acoustic guitar
Bill Davidson, electric guitar
Nathan Craver, bass
Pat Davis, piano, organ
Bob O'Grady, drums