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All lectures are 45 minutes long and include a Powerpoint presentation. An additional fifteen minutes is alloted for Q&A and interaction with students. To book a lecture contact Toby Mountain.
Lecture #1   The Birth of Stereophonic Recording
By 1941 the Germans had perfected a recording technology that not only gave them enhanced capabilities for communications and propaganda, but also fundamentally changed the way that music is recorded and produced. That technology was magnetic tape. Strangely enough, their advances were either missed or totally ignored by the Allies until after the war. This lecture will detail the unique cooperation by three competing German companies from 1935 to 1945 to perfect magnetic recording. Their success not only meant the replacement of the phonograph, but also ushered in a new age of stereophonic recording, editing and postproduction. Original excerpts from the German Broadcasting Archive will be played, examined, and compared. Finally, the author will draw some strong conclusions about the effects on the post war music industry, particularly in America.
Lecture #2   Digital Audio: From Theory to Reality
The evolution of digital audio is a fascinating journey - from mathematical theory in the 30's to the download revolution of the late 90s. Bells Labs, NASA, Sony, Philips, Napster, Microsoft and Apple were all decisive players in the events that revolutionized audio and rocked the computer industry. Included is a powerpoint presentation, along with insightful sonic examples to help explain how digital audio works. A must for any student who wonders how their favorite appliance, the iPod, actually operates.
Lecture #3   The Future of Digital Music: mp3s and Beyond
Record stores are disappearing. CD plants are going out of business. Record labels are consolidating. There is a huge independent music movement brewing on the internet. How does this affect the music we listen to? How will music be delivered and utilized in the future? What role will video play? Will technology influence our tastes and affect our listening habits? These questions lead to some startling conclusions about the convergence of media in the next decade.
Lecture #4   Pursuing a Music Career - College and the Workplace
Students and parents are concerned about the viability of a career in music. As it turns out, even in a recession there are lots of opportunities, but not in the usual places. What does an aspiring high school musician need in their portfolio to bolster their college application? What kind of a job can a music major find in the arts these days? What will be the "hot" areas for performers, music business majors, and audio engineers? All of these questions and others will be explored and answered.